Sean Michael's readings have been accurate. He described in detail meeting a new love, his personality and physical appearance. It all happened...down to the unique ring I would proposed with!

Danett - Washington State

After several years, and several readings Sean Michael continued to see the same vision,that I would have boy. I question this at each reading. Today, I have my beautiful boy. Sean Michael described everything as it came to be true, with all the specifics regarding his arrive,including date and his physical description

Lolitta - New Zealand

I had a phone reading with Sean and he physically described the house I am in the process of purchasing including the correct exterior color and physical structure! There is no way he would have known anything about this house as I am in Western Australia and we never met or spoke before the reading. I was in awe when he described this without asking me any information. He warned me about seeing “cracked windows …and I must get inspection before signing a document”. His warning allowed me to further investigate and make sure my documents prior to purchase agreements were reviewed for peace of mind and the sale is final with inspection. I did notice one window required a repair on the final report! Regardless, the experience was simply amazing and he is truly gifted and it was super fun!

Kathy B – Perth, Australia

The background information Sean Michael provided helped us overcome the dynamics of our relationship. We are no longer arguing like cats and dogs. Thank you for your insight.

Lisa and James – California

The description of my move to Florida with timing Sean presented so clear. Thank you for your help Sean Michael!

Jackie -Florida

Sean you were a hit at the party, thank you for traveling to San Diego and joining us. My friends enjoyed the readings.

Kim – California

The man you described three years ago is now my husband. Thank you for the wonderful reading

Sofia - Germany

My lost cat was found by the man with the intial “t” in two days time like Sean Michael said. My friend Tom found him like Sean described as it would happened.

Michelle – Washington

Thank you for your help in giving me guidance during my job search. I got the job offer like you described with the date you stated.

Craig - California

Described my trip to Europe two years before it happened. We just returned and wanted to say it came true and had a wonderful time like you described.

Rochelle and Paul

I heard from my old high school sweetheart after 38 years and he look just liked Sean Michael described. It was an amazing experience to come true.

Susan - Oregon





Video testimonial from a client reading.


Mother and Daughter

Pacific Northwest

Video testimonial from both a Mother and Daughter who had readings.



Pacific Northwest

Video Testimonial of an investigation.

“Just as a physician needs to consult another physician regarding their medical care, in a similar way, I as a psychic intuitive require the services of another when addressing my own spiritual needs and life issues. I have sought the services of a number of psychic mediums over the years, but without question, Sean has been the most amazingly accurate psychic I have ever consulted. What makes Sean so special is his genuine love and compassion for his clients. He is truly there to follow Spirit’s calling by using his gifts for the betterment of other people’s lives. I have not met a more professional psychic who is as selfless and caring as Sean. Each time I consult him, I not only get an incredibly accurate reading with specific details, but my soul is consoled and healed during the process. Throughout the years I have consulted Sean he has provided me keen insight into my own gifts and has assisted me with their development. For the corporate side of my life, he has given accurate details about my future places of employment including names, dates, descriptions of bosses, coworkers, physical surroundings and personal interactions. For my psychic/spiritual side, Sean has given me the tools to acknowledge, tap into, and strengthen my own gifts. He has identified with astounding accuracy my angels, guides and loved ones who have passed. I could go on with countless examples as to how Sean has helped me time and time again. He is truly amazing and it is both an honor and a privilege to consult him. I owe my spiritual well being and professional success to Sean –he has helped me be the happy man I am today.”




Testimonial from a professional intuitive.



"Sean you are absolute incredible and truely gifted beyond reason!"

− Marco, LA, California

"I now have the job you talked about, the hiring manager you described was so accurate that as soon as I met him I remembered your reading. Just truly amazing! Thank you Sean for your help."

− Kevin, London

"I found the true love of my life you descibed during our reading. I am just so grateful for your help during my time of need. Thank you Sean."

− Magda, Moscow, Russia

"Sean you are truly amazing! The reading you provided allowed me clarity on the relationship question I had and you described my situation and my boyfriend accurate. It was so much fun and the just left me in shock how you knew so much about what was going on. It was so helpful and so much fun and I am telling all my friends to get readings from you"

− JL- Texas