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Welcome to Intuitive Services

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As a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, empath, medium and card reader, Sean Michael offers intuitive readings that are power-packed with insightful information. You chose a path when you make free will choices in your lifetime.

As an intuitive, Sean is able to tap into that path and help you on along your own journey.

Want more insight into relationships, career, romance, family, your own spirituality? The questions are really endless and defined by you so schedule a reading today. Whats stopping you?

Sean’s is available  for phone readings with clients across the world and for select direct appointments in select areas he travels  and or available to make media and conference appearaces.  Please contact him direct if you have questions for scheduling face to face appointment.

Phone Reading 15 Minutes

$60.00 USD
All readings involve reading the energy of situations and 15 minute will allow a client to get direct to the point about a specific question or topic that might or may involve career, love, business, or other areas a client may choose. The 15 minute reading time will allow you to address a specific question and or topic.

Phone Reading 30 Minutes

$120.00 USD
30 minute reading time is best selected to allow the client to be read ‘blind’ for the first portion of the reading (no questions upfront) followed by available time allowed for prepared questions and or topics to be looked into further at greater length. Because all manifest situations leave a fairly large energy footprint, it is possible for a reading to cover the past, present, and near term future of most life situations – as long as doing so will be in the best interest of the client. The 30 minute time slot is the best value for the client.

Phone Reading 60 Minutes

$180.00 USD
The 60 minute reading, In general , are most helpful to people who are undergoing changes in a life situation, be it in their current job, career path, family and or relationship. These readings are wonderful gifts for people who wish to stay on top of a rapid succession of changes with the goal to experiencing a minimum amount of stress. Gain considerable insight on people around you from family, friends, co-workers, and or neighbor in questions. The 60 minute reading will allow you to get a larger view of the potential paths ahead.
Schedule An Appointment

How do I schedule and pay for a reading?

First, select the length of time (15,30 or 60 minutes) on the tool bar located on the home page. Following this initial step, then select the calendar date and with time for your desired schedule requested reading. The final step to secure your scheduled time is processing payment via the paypal button that you will then select as the last step and final step to secure your scheduled appointed. The reading time and schedule is not secured and processed till the PayPal payment is processed. All reading appointments are pre-paid in advanced.

What happens at the time of my scheduled appointment?

At the appointed time for your reading, you will receive a telephone call from Sean to the contact number you provided when booking your appointment. If you are unavailable or do not answer your phone, Sean will be available for the time you selected and will make several attempts to contact you at the number you provided. Once payment has been received, the cost of readings is nonrefundable.

What can I do to prepare best for my reading?

Please set aside the appropriate amount of time for your reading with Sean. Settle into a comfortable location where you can be alone, quiet and undisturbed. Ask family members and or friends to please allow you privacy during your reading. Please turn off all noise-making devices (televisions, mp3 players, etc.). For readings, please prepare a list of questions or topics that you would like for Sean to focus on during your reading as this can make best use of your time scheduled and help you gather your thoughts prior to the appointment time. Sean request that the use of speaker phones not be allowed during the time of readings as can lead to distracting background noise. If you plan to use a cell phone for your reading with Sean, please make sure that you are in a place where you receive excellent (clear and unbroken) reception. Difficulties with cell phone reception can greatly impact the success of your reading experience.

Phone or ‘In Person’ reading…Which one is better?

Sean understands select clients desire for face-to-face “in person” readings and is available for his clients for direct meetings at various locations. Sean believes if a client elects to pursue a reading then the quality of the reading and information shared is no different between either options. You have the option to schedule with Sean Michael in person or by telephone with same results regardless. It is Sean’s opinion that all clients should always be skeptics of any intuitive. Sean agrees with the skeptic’s opinions that phone readings are in many ways better than readings ‘in person’ because the psychic or psychic medium selected cannot deduct clues from your appearance, facial expressions or body language. Be sure to consider phone readings with any intuitive and Sean Michael is happy to be of service for you and schedule phone reading today. Don’t limit your options merely because you have the limiting belief that an “in person” reading is better. Sean can help you regardless of your local location as he serves clients worldwide. Please visit is testimonial page to see what some of his clients reading experiences were like.

"“Sean, I am a big fan of your psychic talk radio show. I listen every week and amazed how you are so accurate. Keep up the good work!” "

− Kathy – New York

"Sean is an incredibly gifted psychic. Within a few days of the reading, I had concrete proof of some of the things he said during our session. For example, Sean kept hearing the sentence 'tell her to know every penny in her wallet'. He repeated it over and over. The following day I logged into my account and found out I had a fraud. Many other things have come true but what of Sean's uncanny abilities is his ability to predict specific dates. Almost every date he mentioned in my reading have been right on"

− MB - California

"Sean you are truly amazing! The reading you provided allowed me clarity on the relationship question I had and you described my situation and my boyfriend accurate. It was so much fun and the just left me in shock how you knew so much about what was going on. It was so helpful and so much fun and I am telling all my friends to get readings from you"

− JL- Texas